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Being interdependent is the key
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Being interdependent is the key

At my first assembly of the new calendar year one of the messages I wanted to convey was that we are extremely lucky to be a family, co-educational 2 ½- 18yrs day and boarding school.  It gives us all an opportunity to work together and foster community spirit and develop social and cultural awareness.  This is an environment which reflects the real world and we are one school with distinctive identities in three areas; the Prep, the Senior and Sixth Form.  We are dependent upon one another and rely on mutual assistance, support, cooperation or interaction among the different groups.  This is the enormous strength of our school.  Learning is not an individual affair but includes learning from others by understanding the importance of being interdependent and taking account of the emotional well-being of individuals making up the community.

As staff we began the year with two training workshops focused on excellent teaching.  This gave us the opportunity to work as a whole school of professionals and learn from our colleagues and share practice in order to be able to deliver outstanding opportunities for all our children and young people.  It was wonderful to be able to work in that way and Mrs Donnelly and I are working closely to strengthen those links still further.

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