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HCS Nature Watch - Week 7
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HCS Nature Watch - Week 7

We have watched the blue tit going in and out of the box and bringing in more moss for the nest.

We think the nest is nearly ready. We hope she will lay some eggs soon now the weather is warmer.
Year 1

6M made some detailed observations of activity on the bird feeder Thursday morning and recorded the number of visits made by different species:

Blue Tit – 5 visits
Great Tit – 2 visits
Coal Tit  and Robin – 3 times each
Great Spotted Woodpecker – 4 (Fletch fed for the longest time, over half an hour in total!)
A House Sparrow and Nuthatch also came to feed.

At 6:38 am Fletch (Great Spotted Woodpecker) was pecking away at the fat balls. Gabriel, 6M

Today, we looked at the feeder cameras; we saw two woodpeckers, both were extremely hungry and between them nearly finished one of the fat balls. Emily, 6M

The well-known Fletch appeared early this morning and hungrily devoured the fat balls. He came back 4 times during the morning. Phoebe, 6M

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