Willow weaving with Tom Hare
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Willow weaving with Tom Hare

Thirty pupils from Years 6 & 7 enjoyed a fantastic day at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey on Tuesday with the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed willow artist Tom Hare. Pupils enjoyed helping Tom to create a willow classroom and then had the chance to weave individual willow leaves or fishes, which they were able to take away with them.

After the willow workshop the pupils were given a fascinating insight into bamboo and all its uses from Hillier’s Assistant Education Officer, Jackie. A short tour of the gardens preceded lunch and in the afternoon everyone enjoyed making clay ornaments with imprints of foliage that had been sourced from the gardens. There was the chance to let off steam at the end of the day, with a brilliant game that focussed the children’s attention on seeds and germination.

Charlotte, Year 6 said: “It was very exciting when we were doing the weaving.”

Year 6 pupil Madeline said: “I liked going across the bridges.” 

Aiden, Year 7, added: “I found it fun and I enjoyed it all.”

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