Hampshire Collegiate School is situated in a fantastic location

The school has an outstanding reputation for art and a creative environment

HCS Sixth Form provides opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills

I was offered a scholarship, which was a great incentive

Class sizes are small and I receive individual attention

The food is excellent!

HCS Sixth Form provides very good pastoral support

I receive individual attention that I would not receive elsewhere

My timetable provides me with the flexibility for me to gain valuable work experience

Here I have the opportunity to play rugby and receive great coaching

The working environment helps me to focus

The support from my teachers is excellent

HCS provides me with the opportunity to persue my own projects

Small class sizes mean I get individual attention

The pastoral support at HCS means I always work hard

Small class sizes

Pupils have good working relationships with subject teachers

The school is friendly and pupils get on with each other

There are fabulous open spaces for sport

Hampshire Collegiate School welcomes world-class universities
Hampshire Collegiate School pupils have had an insight into studying abroad, with the inaugural visit of ‘The International Universities Roadshow’. Nineteen leading universities from across ...
Banning tackle rugby in schools? Why we believe that rugby isn’t just a game. It is an education.
Should children in schools play tackle rugby? It’s a long-running debate and the topic hit the headlines last week following the publication of a report* that is encouraging the elimination of ...
Careers in business, marketing and enterprise in the spotlight...
The first of our new series of careers evenings with industry took place on Wednesday evening with an event focused on business, marketing and enterprise. Students had the opportunity to interact ...
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