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Biology is a subject that encompasses a multitude of skills and scientific concepts. It is ideal in combination with other scientifically based subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and it adds breadth to a range of other subjects like Geography and Psychology. Biology A Level is essential if you wish to study any biologically based subject at university.

Course content

Year 12:
1. Biological molecules
2. Cells
3. Organisms and their environment
4. Genetic information and variation

Year 13:
5. Energy transfer
6. Organisms responding to change
7. Genetics, populations and ecosystems
8. The control of gene expression Assessment 

Three papers, each of two hours. All have practical application questions.Paper 1: Long and short answer questions and extended response (testing topics 1 to 4).Paper 2: Long and short answer questions and comprehension question (testing topics 5 to 8).Paper 3: Structured questions, critical analysis and an essay (testing topics 1 to 8).Many of our students go on to study biology related courses at university. A number of students each year are successful in obtaining places on highly competitive courses at top universities.

Course requirements

In order to study A Level Biology, pupils need to achieve GCSE Combined Science, both at grade 7-7 or GCSE Biology at grade 7. In addition, Chemistry and Mathematics at grade 6 and a good grade in GCSE English usually indicates students who are likely to do well.This specification was introduced in September 2015 and is linear in nature.

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