Applied Business Level 3 Qualification

The approach to Applied Business is very different from the traditional A Level in that it is made up of a combination of coursework and exams. Therefore you will have more direct control over the final outcome.

One third of the Applied Business is in the form of examinations, and the remainder is coursework, which means that for two-thirds of the Applied Business course YOU are in the driving seat! You control how well you do; you organise yourself and your time to ensure work is completed on time and to the syllabus requirements; you research the topic and you complete your assignments. We will not leave you totally to your own devices, however, and you will be encouraged to use the expertise, experience and enthusiasm of your teachers to help you to achieve a good grade.

The idea is that the new Applied Business is more vocational than the A Level, i.e. more of a 'hands-on' approach. We will not just teach you about market research; you will actually get out there and carry out your own and we don't just teach you about how a company would go about filling a vacancy, interview candidates etc; you get an opportunity to actually write the advertisement and carry out the interview in a role play situation. So, you are able to 'have a go' at many business activities and learn from the experience. Wherever possible, we will base our assignments on real businesses and try to use local or national companies to complete our projects.

This vocational qualification provides a broader and deeper understanding of business knowledge and skills to support progress to higher education and is suitable for learning alongside A-levels. It is strongly entrepreneurial in character and, unlike the linear A Levels, is assessed through a combination of exams, external assignments and centre set assignments.


This qualification is assessed as a pass, merit or distinction however it is expected that each level comes with the following UCAS points:


Pass                 16 UCAS points           E grade equivalent at A Level

Merit               32 UCAS points            C grade equivalent at A Level

Distinction       48 UCAS points           A grade equivalent at A Level

Dinstinction*   56 UCAS points            A* grade equivalent at A Level



 Applied Business focuses on 4 key themes:

·         People

·         Markets

·         Finance and

·         Operational Delivery



Core units that will be investigated are:


Financial planning and analysis

Learners explore different ways in which enterprises can be owned and financed. Learners will need to understand the issues that enterprises face and will use this information to make business decisions. External examination


Business dynamics

 Learners investigate factors contributing to the success of businesses, focussing on the role of managers, supervisors and employees. They consider how businesses organise themselves and will analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of these organisational structures.  Internally centre assessed


Entrepreneurial opportunities

Learners develop an understanding of entrepreneurial opportunities and investigate how individuals can exploit these through personal enterprise. They consider opportunities for personal enterprise for a given context and propose marketing and operations activities to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities. External assignment


Managing and leading people

Learners explore how organisations operate in a changing environment. Themes include leadership, how employees and managers interact in the workplace and the impact of organisational structures on how managers and employees work. External examination


Developing a business proposal

Learners develop, present and evaluate a business proposal. The business proposal will require human resources beyond those provided by the learner. Learners will develop and present their proposal to funding providers. Internally centre assessed



Students will also study one option from the following:


E-Business implementation

Learners develop an e-business proposal for a new business start-up. Including how existing small business organisations use e-business to communicate and carry out internal business activities. They use information from the Business proposal to create an e-business strategy capable of supporting the business proposal. Internally centre assessed


Managing an event

Learners investigate how to plan for, manage and review a one-off event related to the business proposal. Internally centre assessed


Marketing communications

Learners investigate the use of marketing communications by small businesses, develop a marketing communications mix for the business proposal and recommend a schedule of marketing communications. Internally centre assessed

Does Applied Business link particularly well with other subjects?

Applied Business combines well with other subjects offered within the school; both sciences and humanities.

 Where might it lead me?

Applied Business will provide you with a broad based preparation for entry into higher education at university. It is an ideal preparation for careers in management, accountancy, banking, marketing, retail or simply running your own business. We feel our students are well prepared for making a success of their chosen career.

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