Mathematics is recognised as a rigorous A Level – this means that it is held in very high regard by universities but it is also a bit more challenging than some other A Level subjects.  An A Level in Mathematics will help you immensely with your other A Level subjects. Physics, chemistry, biology, computing, geography, psychology, sociology and business studies all use some kind of maths.

Following on from the new GCSE taken for the first time in the summer of 2017, there is a new A Level course starting for the first time this September. The new course requires students to study pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics. The course will be examined at the end of Year 13 with three papers, two on pure mathematics and one on the applied topics.

You should expect to have two or three different teachers who share the topics between them. You will be taught in a group and substantial practice tasks will be set regularly to ensure you learn each new technique fully.  All teachers are specialist mathematics teachers, who have further specialised in three mathematical areas.

Course requirements

You will have achieved at least a grade 7 at GCSE Mathematics. You will be organised over set work, keen to put in substantial effort and able to meet deadlines efficiently.

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"This year one third of our 6th form Mathematicians achieved an A* and all our students passed" 

Mr Clare Head of Maths

United Learning