The Psychology A level course provides a broad view of psychology covering all core areas. These are covered within the ‘AS’ specification and there is a choice of areas for students to study at a greater depth at ‘A2’.

In AS Students will be studying normal process in the brain such as memory as well as some abnormal behaviours such as how people react to stress. Psychology offers an insight into how and why people behave in the way that they do. Over the years psychologists have used a scientific approach to develop theories that attempt to explain all aspects of the human condition, including what motivates human behaviour.

“How did you become who you are? Do you think that you were born a nice person, or do you think that you became nice because of the way that you were nurtured as a baby? Maybe you think that you are who you are mainly because of your relationships with your friends?” A big question for psychologists is: Are we who we are, as a result of nature (the way we were born) or nurture (the way we have experienced life)?

Psychologists try to answer these types of questions by researching and observing human behaviour. The course takes you through some of the most influential evidence produced by psychologists and we try to analyse a variety of different behaviours and reactions to our environment.

Our students studying psychology at the moment are all enjoying the subject, which is taught in small groups using a wide variety of teaching methods. The material is varied and interesting covering all of the subject's core areas from a number of perspectives.

Students will develop their skills in a number of key areas during the course:

  • Communication with others about all aspects of psychological study.
  • Application of number in the form of statistical information.
  • Application of Information Technology.
  • Analysis and evaluation of research material in the development of  research.
  • Working with others.
  • Research and problem solving.
  • Learning about human behaviours.
  • Improving performance in answering essay style exam questions.

Your studies in psychology will develop skills that are relevant to your future studies. The skills and knowledge learned will also be useful in all aspects of your life. This is an insightful course, which will suit students who have enjoyed debates in English and research in Science.

This subject has a broad appeal and is very popular at degree level. As well as opportunities and careers in psychology, students will find that psychology is particularly useful in any career with a people focus. Many degree courses include an element of psychology for example: medicine, business, marketing and teaching.

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Mrs Bonney Head of Psychology


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