Minimum entry requirements:

  1. Grade level attained before entry using the Oxford Placement Test (see below).
  2. Interview with Headmaster at HCS to assess proficiency in spoken English, either in person or on Skype via the internet. If successful, the student will sit the HCS English and Mathematics entrance exams for their appropriate age. 
  3. Appropriate references from previous school and copies of recent reports (to be translated in English) should be sent directly from the pupils school to the Registrar.
  4. Valid Tier 4 Visa has been approved for entry to the UK.

Oxford Placement Tests: Minimum entry requirements for students where English is a second or additional language:

The grades are based on the Common European Framework.

For entry to:

Year 12 A minimum of level B2 or IELTS Band 5.5 in all skills.   
Pre A-Level A minimum of level B2 or IELTS Band 5.0 
Year 11 A minimum of level B2
Year 7 - 10 A minimum of level B1

Parents/guardians or agents will confirm in writing that the Oxford Placement Test was carried out under examination conditions: without any additional help (reading, translation or writing of questions and or answers) from any second party.

Many pupils may still require additional support from the EAL department in order for them to access the full curriculum. Pupils have two EAL lessons per week. If extra lessons are required, this may incur an an extra cost. Parents/guardians will be informed by the Registrar if EAL/IELTS lessons will be an additional cost. 

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