The quality of leadership & management is excellent. The vision of the leadership team accords with the recently re-defined aims of the school.  Parents fully endorsed the view that both the senior and prep schools are now well led and managed.  Staff and pupils are flourishing as a result of the re-designed strategic plans, which strive to foster the school’s aims of creativity, enthusiasm and resilience ISI Integrated Inspection November 2014

Aims and Ethos 

The school aims apply to all members of our school community, including boarders and those in our EYFS setting. This document is available to all interested parties on our website and on request from the Senior or Prep School offices. Hampshire Collegiate School belongs to United Learning. We are proud to share the Group’s core values of ambition, confidence, creativity, determination, respect and enthusiasm and the objective of ‘bringing out the Best in Everyone’ 

Our Aims 

The school aims to create an environment in which we work collaboratively to encourage academic ambition creativity, enthusiasm and resilience where all are valued as individuals; one which provides the opportunity for participation in a rich and diverse co-curricular programme and which is underpinned by a culture of respect for ourselves and others. 

Our Ethos

Education should always be an adventure; it is after all a search for a pathway in life and all concerned need to share that sense of adventure which is never ending. Our school motto ‘vita studia una’, life and learning are one or life is for learning, provides a succinct formulation of what we are involved in sharing with young people at HCS. 

Finding a school that is right for your needs is sensitive work; on leaving school you should be able to reflect that the school was perfect for you, no matter what your interests. 

You will find that HCS is committed to providing the best for you in academic achievement, and personally guides you to future choices in tertiary education and career. It is a vibrant community which will encourage the best in sport, and expressive processes, and engenders a habit for life of energy, creativity and activity, in all things. 

Our sense of community is strong and inclusive with a Christian ethos to engage pupils of all faiths and none in a natural way.

United Learning