Our school uniform is supplied by Schoolblazer and can be ordered through the supplier’s website (www.schoolblazer.com). 

Volunteers from our parent association, Friends of Hampshire Collegiate School (FoHCS), run a second-hand school uniform shop which is located in the Prep School and open twice a week during term time: Monday mornings (08:15 – 09:15) and Friday afternoons (15:15 – 16:15). Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled. 

Schoolblazer provides nametag application free of charge. Items marked with * can only be bought from Schoolblazer. 

Boys' uniform

Black waterproof coat

Purple blazer with school crest*

Charcoal trousers, elasticated at the back (Autumn & Winter terms)

Charcoal shorts (Summer term)

Purple V neck jumper*

White shirt non-tailored, long or short sleeved

School tie*

Plain black shoes, no trainers

School bag with school crest*

Dark grey socks

Plain black scarf and gloves (optional)

Plain fleece hat (Winter) (optional)

Girls' uniform

Black waterproof cocat

Purple blazer with school crest*

Lilac and white striped dress* (Summer term)

Junior checked skirt* (Autumn term and Year 6 optional in Summer term)

Purple V neck cardigan*

White blouse with revere collar (Autumn term and Year 6 optional in Summer term)

Plain black tights (Autumn & Spring term)

White socks, no training socks (Summer term)

Plain black shoes, no trainers

Shcool bag with school crest*

Plain black scarf and gloves (Winter) (optional)

Plain black fleece hat (Winter) (optional)

Girls & Boys' PE kit

White polo shirt with school crest*

Black shorts (Boys)

Black and purple skort* (Girls)

White ankle socks, no training socks


Junior sports bag*

Girls' and Boys' Games kit

Black sweatshirt with school crest* (optional) 

House reversible rugby shirt with school crest* (Boys) 

Purple socks* 

Black mid-layers with school crest* (optional)  (Years 5 and 6 only)

Black and purple training pants* (optional) 

Black and purple tracksuit top* (optional) 

Purple socks* 

Black and white cap* (optional) 

Mouth guard 

Shin pads 

Swimwear, plain black 

Swimming cap

Boys’ Games kit only 

Rugby shirt – reversible in House colours* 

Black shorts 

Studded boots 

Cricket whites, Cricket box and white Cricket shoes (for team players) 

Girls’ Games kit only 

Black polo 

Polo shirt in House colours* (optional)


  • Boys and girls are required to wear school uniform and a smart appearance is expected at all times. 
  • Please ensure your child’s hair is appropriately cut and of a conventional style. Girls with longer hair should wear it tied back with a hair band or scrunchie (dark or school colours) at all times. Boys’ hair should be short and no longer than their shirt collar. 
  • No jewellery may be worn except for one pair of small plain ear studs for girls. For health and safety reasons these must be removed for PE and Games or a plaster worn over them. No other jewellery should be worn to school. 
  • Make up should not be worn, including nail varnish. 
  • We will respect a parental request for a child to wear a specific garment of religious significance. Health and safety considerations, alongside other considerations, will be taken into account in responding to such a request. Such requests must be made in writing to the Head of Prep School, who will consider each individually and may refer to United Learning Central Office for legal guidance. 

Equipment required by children 

  • From Year 3 onwards, children will need a stationery set comprising of good quality HB pencils, a ruler, a rubber, a set of colouring pencils, a pencil sharpener and a small glue stick – all contained in a named pencil case. 
  • Children in Years 5 and 6 will require the above as well as a calculator, 30cm ruler and protractor. Children are allowed to use ink pens once they have earned their pen licence. This is reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. Pens can be bought from the Prep School office.
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