HCS’s uniform is supplied by Schoolblazer. Please visit the supplier's website: www.schoolblazer.com to place an order or call 0333 7000 703, Monday to Friday (9am - 8pm) and Saturday (10am - 4pm).

Items marked with * are available from Schoolblazer



*Blazer: black with school logo

*Shirt: White shirt non tailored with top button fastened and tucked in to trousers

*Tie: School tie in house colours

*Jumper: Black with purple V neck

*Trousers: Charcoal fitted to the waist

Belt: Plain black

*Coat: Black or navy top coat

*Scarf: School scarf

Socks: Plain black or dark grey

Shoes: Plain black leather or similar (no trainers, boots or canvas shoes)

*Jacket: Black fitted jacket with school logo

*Pin badge in house colours

*Blouse: Deep lilac open neck fitted blouse (tucked into skirt)

*Jumper: Black and purple V neck

*Skirt: Check school skirt fitted to the waist and of knee length

Tights: Plain black. Summer term: plain white ankle socks or neutral tights or hold ups

*Coat: Black or navy top coat

*Scarf: School scarf

Shoes: Plain black (leather or similar) and of a sensible design with a heel of no higher than 5cm.Canvas shoes are not permitted.

Hair accessories: Plain black


  1. Shirts should be of standard cotton/polyester and not be of soft un-ironed material. The top button should be done up at all times and ties should be neatly tied and of an appropriate length.
  2. Jewellery is not permissible in Years 7-11. One pair of small plain ear studs may be worn by girls. One discrete religious symbol can be worn but may have to be removed during Games and PE lessons.
  3. Girls with long hair should have it tied back in practical and science lessons.
  4. Boys’ hair should be short and not cover the eyes or collar. There should be no excessive application of gel or similar.
  5. Hair style or colour should not draw attention to the wearer e.g. excessive shaving, unnatural hair colour and/or highlights.
  6. Make-up should not be worn by pupils in Years 7-9. Discrete make-up (i.e. light foundation, a small amount of eyeliner and mascara) may be worn by pupils in Year 10 and 11.
  7. There must be no visible tattoos.
  8. Boots, flimsy pumps, canvas shoes, trainers, platform shoes and stilettos must not be worn. Heels on shoes must not be higher than 5cm. Shoes must be cleaned regularly.
  9. Replacement ties and pin badges can be purchased from the Deputy Head's office.

The Friends of HCS run a thriving second hand uniform shop from its location in the Prep School.  The shop is open during term time on Monday mornings 8.15am-9.15am and Fridays 3.15pm-4.15pm and sells a range of second hand uniform from blazers to socks.

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