Attached to the main manor house is the chapel.  There is a tradition that a small cottage once stood on this site, if so, presumably serving as domestic quarters.  The present chapel, now renamed the Florence Nightingale Chapel, was consecrated for Embley Park School by the Bishop of Winchester on 14 November 1953.  It is still used for daily assemblies and some Sunday services.

Of chief note are the two pictures on the left hand wall.  One is a copy of a three quarter length photograph by Goodman, commissioned at the request of Queen Victoria after Florence returned from the Crimea in 1856.  The other is a detail from an 1856 picture by William ‘Crimean’ Simpson (1823-1889) entitled The Seat of War in the East, which shows Florence talking with an officer in one of the wards at the Barrack Hospital in Scutari.  It is undoubtedly idealised – even after the improvements she introduced, it would have been far more crowded – but at least it resists the temptation to include the proverbial lamp.  The present picture used to hang at the military barracks in Aldershot before being presented to the school in 1998.

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