Adverse weather

Adverse weather


The weather forecast this week suggests that we may see some heavy snow in our region. 

We appreciate that a number of children have to travel quite some distance to get to school, some travel by car and others travel by our home-school transport system, therefore please note the following advice.    

In the event of disruption caused by adverse weather conditions, our prime concern must always be the safety of our pupils and staff. The school will remain open through the bad weather. Any day pupils who can safely get to school should do so. If you are concerned about travel safety, then we would advise you not to travel.    

Our home-school transport system will continue to operate; parents are asked to keep an eye out for emails and updates as the weather passes. Boarders will of course remain in residence, like the school itself our boarding house will not close.    

The school will communicate regularly with parents via SMS and email should there be any disruptions to the school and/or our home-school transport system. Regular updates will also appear on our website and via social media so please also check our Twitter feed ( and Facebook page (

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