Holocaust survivor shares his experiences with students
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Holocaust survivor shares his experiences with students

Walter Kammerling visited the school to share with us his personal account of the Holocaust. Walter spoke about the heartbreaking and traumatic moments in his life, such as when he had to leave his mother, father and one of his sisters in 1938, aged 15. He experienced Kristallnacht in his home town of Vienna and was also made to scrub the streets by Nazi soldiers. Luckily, Walter travelled on the Kinder transport to England and then on to Northern Ireland. As well as this, he shared with us that he met his wife during thewar at a youth hostel and they have been happily married for 74 years. Walter left us with the important message that if you ever see injustice or evil happening, youmust do something about it. We are extremely grateful to Walter for sharing his incredible story and it was both educational and enlightening.

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