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Year 7 Wellbeing Walk
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Year 7 Wellbeing Walk

Last term, Year 7MKR completed a week of fundraising to plant a tree in the school’s grounds. All students mucked in and worked as part of a team, managing to raise £75 to purchase a tree. After discussions last term, it was agreed that we would buy a scented Magnolia tree and plant it in an area which has recently been cleared near the pond and where there are three chairs made from the tree trunk of a fallen tree. 

As the sun was shining on Wednesday morning, we took a walk in the grounds to see our tree which was planted in the Easter holidays. It is growing well and the leaves are unfurling; luckily the deer are not eating the new tender shoots. We continued up the Long Walk to admire the Rhododendron and Azalea flowers which are starting to come into their own. The class was amazed at the range of types of plants we have in the grounds.

I was also able to show them the Embley Blue Diamond Azalea, which is one of very few specimens in the UK; it is reputed that the colour of the purple in our school uniform came from the colour of the flower. We all returned back to the class refreshed and ready for our day ahead - even though our shoes were a little muddy! 

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