Hampshire Collegiate School’s Mini MBA Experience offers an innovative addition to the school’s academic curriculum in Year 12. It is designed to help students understand the key factors that impact business performance, build commercial awareness and develop their fluency in the language of business.  The programme is delivered through a series of practical and interactive workshops by leading business professionals.     

Personality profiling

Before starting the Mini MBA Experience, students take part in a series of personality profiling exercises to understand their own personality traits and how they can adapt and use these inherent characteristics to meet the needs of different people and situations in their personal and professional lives.   

Employability skills microsite 

A successful career will be underpinned by a person’s ability to apply their education and experience together with a mix of transferable skills – often referred to as ‘employability skills’ or ‘soft skills’ – to a job. These skills include, leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving and resilience. All Mini MBA Experience students will have access to our employability micro-learning website which provides accredited learning content to help equip them with the skills they will need to fulfill successful careers.   

Mini MBA Experience Business Modules   

Understanding leadership styles    

  • What characterises good leadership?
  • Different leadership styles 
  • When to apply different leadership styles   

Building high performance teams   

  • Characteristics of a high performing team 
  • How to sustain excellence 
  • Supporting and coaching a team 
  • Effective delegation   

Strategic management and implementation

  • Creating business strategies 
  • The corporation and its environment 
  • The fourth industrial revolution and its impact on strategy
  • Thinking strategically 
  • Strategy development and generating strategic options 
  • Using the tools of strategic management 
  • How to successfully implement a strategy using marketing and sales activities 
  • How to successfully anchor strategies and developing skills to handle resistance to them   

Creating and delivering marketing strategies 

  • The basics of marketing and how it is conducted 
  • What does good marketing achieve and how can it make a difference to a business? 
  • Market research, understanding your audience 
  • Branding and corporate identity 
  • Online and digital marketing, social media 
  • Performance and measurement   

Financial management and controlling   

  • The financial considerations and implications of any business 
  • An overview of finance and accounting
  • Balance sheet analysis and performance analysis
  • Methods of financing – equity or debt capital, internal or external financing 
  • Understanding financial objectives, correct use of key-performance indicators 
  • Financial planning, budgeting and business planning 
  • Cost accounting, contribution margin calculations and pricing 
  • Investments, added value, profitability 
  • Cost controlling 


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