As well as studying for your A Level subjects, all Sixth Form students will follow a broad enrichment programme. This programme helps develop an understanding of careers and prepare students for the future world of employment. The school has developed a mini-MBA experience in conjunction with local business leaders as well as offering real world business and trading opportunities within the school activities programme. Furthermore, we hope to improve the soft-skills required in all business settings.

Nightingale guest lectures

Each term, students are invited to a formal dinner event and listen to and reflect on the life stories and experiences of influential business leaders. During the evening, students have the opportunity to respond to and discuss the challenging issues that the guest speaker presents to them. Topics often include: leadership, entrepreneurialism, teamwork, innovation, creativity and self-awareness.

Careers evenings with industry

These events enable our students to interact with a range of successful business people and hear, first-hand, about their career paths. Students will receive practical advice on the qualifications that employers look for as well as insightful advice about the skills and qualities that will help students lead successful careers.These events also provide an opportunity for students to start building their professional networks which may last through their time at school and, more importantly, beyond - and may lead to opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships or future employment. Each event will focus on a different industry sector to give students the broadest picture possible. We began this year with an event focussed on business, marketing and enterprise and a second event on design and media will take place in November.

International Universities Roadshow

The roadshow allows students and parents to speak with and consider a number of highly regarded universities and the advantages and different experiences that can be gained from studying overseas. The school has significant links with a number of leading overseas universities across Europe, Canada and the USA including:

  • KIT Carl Benz School of Engineering in Germany, the University of Toronto (Canada’s top-rated university)
  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France; and
  • Polimoda International Institute of Fashion, Design and Marketing (among the top10 fashion schools in the world for undergraduates).

Higher Education Conference

The conference provides students with the opportunity to meet with representatives and learn more about the courses available from some of the top universities across the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial College London, Edinburgh and the London School of Economics.

Team building residentials

These events act as a fun way in which students learn to work together in a non-school environment and,through a variety of activities, learn important skills that will help them in life beyond school. For example:understanding different leadership and teamwork skills, building trust and enhancing problem solving techniques. 

Biennial charitable global outreach initiatives

In recent years, our sixth form students have supported and visited charity projects in Costa Rica, India and Ecuador. Most students encounter rewarding, humbling and amazing experiences as they make a difference to the lives of others. These trips also help build character and enable our students to learn more about themselves.


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