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Thank you for your interest in Hampshire Collegiate School for your son or daughter. When I came into teaching, I wanted to be the kind of teacher I wanted to have as a child. At Hampshire Collegiate School, we are the kind of school that children and parents want to have.

Our core purpose is that each child is the best that they can be. We equip them with the competence to master academic rigour, the confidence to be their own character and instil in them a compassion for the world. We do not compare children with their peers or with so-called norms, every child is unique and deserves the recognition of that as they grow. At whatever stage your son or daughter joins us, their childhood is a special time and we see their time with us as formative in the development of their character as well as their knowledge and understanding.

Our expectations are high, we expect a lot from the children and make no apology for this. Children and young people respond positively to the belief and expectations we have of them. Pupils are encouraged to take intellectual risks, to challenge themselves and to respond to that challenge because they know we are there to support them. Mistakes are valued as opportunities for growth and development, there is no meaningful growth without them.

We expect pupils to develop independence and support this by giving them responsibility from an early age. Through class representation in Student Council to leading sailing and golf programmes and, in co-operation with staff, planning and managing business tendering and project management, our pupils become accustomed to responsibility and accountability. We could not claim to foster independence without giving pupils a meaningful opportunity to live it.

Our children leave us with a sense of purpose. They leave us with an understanding of academic life and experience of the world of work through our careers and leadership programmes. They leave us with a sense of social responsibility. They leave us with academic achievement, personal fulfilment and the desire to make a difference.

Mr Cliff Canning, Headmaster, Hampshire Collegiate School


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