Our scholarships are awarded to recognise and reward excellence and potential in a range of areas that are important to the school. Our scholarship pathway will provide a bespoke programme of activities directed at further extending our scholars’ understanding not just within their subject specialisms but beyond that, the better to challenge their understanding and widen their horizons.

In return, we expect our scholars to fulfil the role of a school ambassador both in school and representing the school at local and national events, demonstrating high standards of behaviour, performance and participation in the co-curricular life of the school.

Chorister Scholarships

In association with Romsey Abbey, our chorister scholarship programme is open to boys and girls who will be in Years 4, 5 or 6 in the next academic year. This opportunity combines a dedicated programme of traditional, high standard chorister training with a private education at Hampshire Collegiate School and the flexibility to participate in the school’s full curricular and co-curricular programme. 

Nightingale Scholarship Society

The following scholarships are open to internal and external applicants entering into Year 7, 9 and 12. Some awards carry certain criteria.


Our academic scholars are expected to show high attainment across the curriculum, commitment to their studies and attend the Nightingale Scholar Society meetings and events. Candidates will be selected based on academic attainment and an interview. If your child is new to the school, we will ask for a reference from the Head of their current school as well.


Our Art scholars show an aptitude and genuine interest in art and design. Candidates will be asked to submit a portfolio of work in a variety of media and techniques and attend an interview.

Design Technology

Our Design Technology scholars show an aptitude in design technology and demonstrate research, design and practical skills. They will be asked to submit a portfolio of work which demonstrates the exploration of alternative ideas, models and finished artefacts before interview selection.


Our Drama scholars take a leading role in performances and productions at the school. They will have an interest in professional theatre and will have experience of playing leading roles in school or other productions. Candidates will be required to perform an audition and attend an interview to demonstrate their aptitude in drama.


Our Music scholars have a natural flair for performing and/or composing and they will take a leading role in musical performances at school. Candidates can audition for a scholarship on instrument or voice and the interview will focus on their past and present musical achievements.


Our Sport scholars display significant talent in their chosen sport. They should already be representing their chosen sport or activity at county level or be capable of achieving a similar standard. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their aptitude for sport during an assessment and discuss previous experiences and expertise during an interview.