Design Technology Scholarships 

Candidates applying for a Design Technology Scholarship should show creative ability within design an genuine enthusiasm for all aspects of the subject. Your child will be required to submit a portfolio of work.

In the portfolio, we are looking for:

  • An aptitude for research and evidence of a variety of design skills and interest
  • The ability to use materials with control and precision
  • Breadth and depth of approach and an understanding of design and production methods

To apply for this scholarship, candidates should return a completed application form to Hampshire Collegiate School by no later than the last Friday in November (the year before entry). Students will be required to submit a portfolio of work, produced at home or school, by no later than the first Friday in January (the year of entry). This should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

Candidates will be selected for interview on the quality of their portfolio. Interviews will take place in January. At interview, candidates will be asked to produce a design as part of the selection process.