Hampshire Collegiate School Open Morning

12 March 

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On 7th November, two students from each House were in the Food Tech room competing in the House Masterchef Final. Each student had a budget of £20 and had to plan and cook a two-course meal for four people in two hours. To reach the final, our chefs had to qualify in the heats by making a perfect three egg omelette.

During the final cook-off, parents from our Whole School Open Morning, staff and students were attracted to the Food Tech Room by the amazing aromas that were wafting around school. A wide range of dishes were prepared, from meringues to herb-crusted cod, and the quality and standard of food produced was better than ever.

The judging process was very popular and it took a long time to calculate the winner. It was very close and congratulations go to everyone who took part.

After adding up the results twice, the top three finalists were:

  1. Lorcan, Y12 (Austen)
  2. Sophie, Y9 (Nightingale)
  3. Freya, Y8 (Austen)

The House results which took everyone who entered into account were:

  1. Austen
  2. Nightingale 
  3. Chichester
  4. Palmerston 

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