Our aim is to provide students with a broad, well-rounded education where outstanding pastoral care, curriculum (academic subjects) and co-curriculum (activities, sports, clubs, programmes and other learning experiences) combine to facilitate the development of individuals who are confident to be their best, compassionate in the realisation of the role they play in the wider world, and competent across a rich, wide-ranging and ever-growing breadth of knowledge and skills.

Our idyllic surroundings in 130 acres of woodland and parkland provide the setting for a range of opportunities that is simply second to none. Ours is a school that values effort as much as achievement, confidence as much as compassion, and pride as much as reflection. Our students don’t just learn a wide canon of knowledge and array of skills, they also learn about learning and the subject-specific strategies they can adopt to support their learning, developing the confidence required to self-regulate and take control of their own progress through the Senior School.

Highly-qualified teachers who are experts in their subject but also expert in its delivery are always at hand to impart knowledge and to support students so that they become the best they can be. Our teachers’ commitment, expertise and contagious enthusiasm for their subjects, combined with our students’ talent, confidence and independence, constitute the fertile ground in which we sow the seeds of future success.

Visit Hampshire Collegiate School’s Senior School

The best way to experience our Senior School is to come and see us for our yourself. Please get in touch or join us on one of our open mornings.  

The HCS Experience

At Hampshire Collegiate School we not only focus on providing an outstanding academic experience, but help children develop into competent, confident and compassionate individuals.