Senior School

Modern Foreign Languages

Studying a foreign language not only helps our students communicate in another language, but it opens their minds to a whole new world of culture, enrichment and opportunity. In our inter-connected world, it is increasingly important that young people can use languages with confidence.

Our highly experienced linguists teach and share their expertise to ensure that every student develops a love for languages, helping to build communication skills that will continue beyond the classroom and increasing our students’ employability in the future.

We offer French and Spanish from Year 7 but beginners Spanish classes are also available to students entering Year 9 who have not studied it previously. Students can then select one or two languages to GCSE level.

We use a wide range of teaching methods and tools to build our students’ confidence and linguistic skills, with numerous opportunities to take part in trips to France and Spain. Traditional textbooks are used alongside the latest technology to enhance each student’s learning. All students have plenty of opportunities to speak French or Spanish in lessons through a variety of class and group work activities.

A Level French

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A Level Spanish

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